Rumney Climbing Video – Josh Levin on Livin’ Astro 5.14c

by Ian Maclellan

I love Rumney climbing. It was my first sport climbing spot as well as the first place I got hurt climbing. It’s also a geologist’s dream crag; epic dark-gray Rumney schist with granite intrusions and great pegmatites.

When I’m in Somerville, I climb at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville 4-5 times a week, but wish I was out in the mountains every day.

This fall I hung out with and filmed climber Josh Levin, who’s living in Boston to attend Northeastern and watched him send his first 5.14. It’s pretty amazing to watch, as that’s about 16 grades higher than I’ve ever sport climbed.

Livin’ Astro is on the Waimea wall, a short but spectacular cliff that’s also home to the classic Waimea 5.10d and at the other end of the spectrum Jaws II, which Paul Robinson was working on while we were there. You can actually see me in the background at 00:34 as I head off for a pee.

I’m looking forward to filming some more Rumney climbing in the spring!